Tuesday, January 10, 2017

2017 Nissan Juke

Don't you miss the days when cars had so many different styles?  It's really a stretch now a days to identify the make and model when so many vehicles look the same.  Not so with the Juke from Nissan.  The Nissan engineers and designers must have had a great time putting this little compact crossover together.  Car and Driver said: “The Juke puts the fun in “Funky” making it perfect for those who want a spry and speedy little runabout that also stands out in traffic”. 

You and yours will get their drift when you take an up close and personal look at the Juke with the friendly folks at Landers McLarty Nissan.  You will not have any problem finding it at the dealership as this Juke just stands out among its family of Nissan's. 

Owners will tell you that if you are searching for new friends, then try driving a Nissan Juke around your community.  People will start asking questions about your unusual looking crossover at stop lights, parking lots or wherever.  Kudo's go to Nissan for doing a great job creating some excitement with its Juke. 

This positive feeling doesn't only come from the Juke's unique looks as owners love what is under its sloping frog-eyed hood.  Nissan put a punchy turbocharged four cylinder that delivers 188 lively horses and 177 lb-ft of asphalt gripping torque.  If you desire more zip in your trip then also test drive the Juke Nismo RS.  It has 211 thoroughbreds and a unique fascia.  The RS also comes with a sportier suspension and smug sport seats that fit you like your favorite leather glove as you dive into those country curves.  This RS Juke also has available a six-speed manual for those who prefer to row their  own gears and owners say it is a blessing;  also for your enjoyment All-Wheel-Drive is available.  This AWD setup can supply half of readily available torque to the rear wheels as well as torque vectoring which means the Juke could send up to 50% of its power to one rear wheel in hard cornering or when getting stuck in the elements.  What makes this Juke even more a kick to drive is its three driving modes. 

The Regular is good for driving to work.  The Sporting mode is just what the name implies and is where the fun starts as throttle feedback is sharpened, steering gets sensitive and the transmission will remain in higher revs.  You are now ready to explore those country roads!  Then the Eco mode is there for getting great gas mileage of over 30mpg on the highway.  So, if you want an energetic and speedy little runabout that also is a big time head-turner that actually refreshes your spirit in your drive-times, visit http://www.huntsvillenissan.com today! 

Be prepared for an enjoyable time.  Yes indeed, the Juke from Nissan is more than a pretty face with tongue in cheek.  The bet is on that you will leave with a smile, not only because you did bring the “fun factor” back into your time behind the wheel, but for the great deal you received.

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